Starting a new project with Thought Space is as easy as sending us a message. We'll review your needs and figure out the best plan of attack for you. There are multiple ways to get in touch with us, and we're happy to assist you on whatever means you prefer.

Before starting your first project with us, it's important to decide if you want to create an account. If you plan on working with us for multiple projects, or using us for ongoing support, creating an account will allow you to track your old requests with us and access old files we may have shared. You can learn more about creating an account here.

After determining if you should set up a Thought Space support account or not, you can start up a new project with us by creating a support ticket. You can create a support ticket by going here. We recommend creating a support ticket, as it allows us to track your project's progress and refer back to old information if need be. Also, after creating a ticket, you can reply by simply replying to the email notifications you'll receive, so it's very easy to keep up with the latest updates on your project.

Alternative Contact Methods

If you'd prefer, you can also just send an email to This email address will actually open a support ticket but it doesn't require you to visit the support portal or open an account.

If a phone call is more your style, you can get in touch with us using the phone number on the contact page of our website. If you've got a lot to talk about, it might be best to shoot us an email first and schedule a time to talk. You can use the email address above to do so.

Finally, you can also choose to set up an initial project consultation with us at Alloy 26, our Pittsburgh office, for free! We understand that sometimes it's easy to have a lot of different ideas, and the easiest way to get them out is to chat about them over coffee.

No matter how you get in touch with us, we're excited to hear from you and we're looking forward to helping work on your project!