A lot of clients come to us looking to simply "make a new logo" for their up and coming business. With years of experience in branding, marketing, and advertising, we've come to learn that "making a new logo" is never the end of the process of creating a new business. When starting out on a new venture, you're going to be constantly growing, learning, and adapting, and your marketing and advertising needs as a business will fluctuate with you.

In an ever-changing marketing landscape, it's important that you create a solid foundation for your business. When new businesses come to us to create a new logo, we like to discuss the importance of brand identity. Brand identity is a collection of graphic elements and ideas that express the image your company portrays to the general public. Creating a strong, cohesive brand identity at the start of business development is a smart move from a business standpoint, as it sets you off on a path to brand recognizability. Having a recognizable brand can help you to become a known industry professional, or someone who's immediately thought about when your service comes to mind.

When creating a new brand identity, we do tend to start with logo design. We'll work with you to determine how you'd like to portray your company to your ideal clients. We'll then take cues from inspiration and feedback we receive from you to create different logo concepts for your review. After multiple iterations and rounds of feedback, we'll finalize a logo design that you love, and create a brand identity guide for you. During the logo design process, we actually develop an idea of how your image and appearance will tie together through your logo and other marketing material. Our brand identity guides allow us to portray proper usage of your logo and other brand elements in order to achieve consistency across all of your marketing venues. This 5-10 page PDF will be delivered along with exported, user-friendly logo files, and the original source files for your logo. We provide you with a ZIP file containing all of the files you'll ever need to use your logo on any outlet you'd like!

If you're interested in starting a new brand identity project with Thought Space Designs, head on over to our new project page and open a ticket. We'd love to discuss your project in more detail!