WordPress is a wonderfully adaptable system that can be molded to fit just about any need. We like to use WordPress to create websites because it gives us a platform with a bunch of frequently used tools to start from. WordPress acts as a website framework that takes away some of the monotonous, basic setup of building a website. This saves time for us in development, and in turn it saves you money as our client!

WordPress has a back end editing area that lets you modify pages, website options, blog posts, and more. The way these pages and posts display on the front end of your site to your website visitors is determined in large part by the active WordPress "theme" that you're using. WordPress themes are simply bundled collections of code that affect the way your website appears. They are a vital part of the WordPress ecosystem. While plugins add or modify the functionality of your website, a theme's job is to modify the appearance of your website.

When you work with Thought Space, our designers and developers generally work with you to develop a custom theme for your website based around your over all brand identity. While there are plenty of pre-built WordPress themes to choose from, they can be difficult to work with, overloaded with options, slow, and insecure. By creating custom themes for our clients, we can achieve a high level of personalization, allowing your business to stand out from the rest. We'll create a custom theme that perfectly reflects your business and only has the features you need.

While you can certainly choose to change the theme on your WordPress powered website, you understand that doing so can greatly affect its appearance, and you may have to start rebuilding things from the ground up. If you'd looking to make more advanced modifications to the appearance of your website, just open a ticket with us! We'd be happy to give you a quote and let you know how long your project will take. We tend to be pretty quick about updates on sites we created!