A lot of our email customers choose to hook their iPhone or iPad up to their email account in order to ease access to their accounts. iOS devices have a built in "Mail" app that allows you to hook up email accounts from many different providers. You can actually hook your Thought Space provided email addresses up to this app. By hooking your email up to your phone or tablet, you'll receive instant notifications when a new message comes in to your account. This makes keeping on top of your messages much easier. In order to hook your email up to your iOS device, follow these steps:

  1. Open the "Settings" app on your device.
  2. Scroll down and click "Passwords & Accounts"
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the list and click "Add Account"
  4. Select "Exchange" on the following list
  5. On the following screen, enter your email address and fill in the "Description" field. The description field is only for your own organizational purposes. It's the name that shows up in the email list. Make sure to name it something memorable. I like to just repeat the email address again but this is up to you.
  6. When you click "Next", a window will pop up with two options. Select "Configure Manually".
  7. Enter the password for your account and click "Next".
  8. Enter "pidgey.thoughtspacedesigns.com" in the "Server" field, and re-enter your email address in the "Username" field. Leave the "Domain" field blank. Click next.
  9. On the following screen, you can select which services to use. All of the services you select will be enabled on your device. This is useful for backing up information to your account. For example, you can enable the calendars feature in order to sync the calendar on your phone with the calendar on the webmail portal. Select the options you would like to use (including Mail) and click "Save".

At this point your mail account is now set up. If you select the new account from the list in your settings, you'll see options to set how long to sync messages for, and automatic replies. I recommend only syncing one month worth of mail unless you frequently clean your account, as it will help with stability. Automatic replies can be used for out of office notifications. If you have any problems or need any help setting your email up on your iOS device, please feel free to open a support ticket.